Data as of 30 August 2019. Returns and risk drivers shown for illustrative purposes only.
Regulatory risk warning: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. You may receive less than you originally invest.
This shows the performance of major ETFs which have credit exposure to companies which are also constituents of the Tabula European Performance Index.
Please note that TCEP is a leveraged product while the other ETFs are not. Details of specific ETFs available on request.

About the Tabula European Performance Credit UCITS ETF

Tabula developed the fund's benchmark, the iTraxx European Performance Credit Index in partnership with IHS Markit in order to offer investors a passive solution for accessing yield from broad European corporate credit exposure with minimal interest rate duration. The strategy allocates in an 80:20 ratio to IG and HY via the iTraxx Europe 5y and iTraxx Crossover 5y respectively, with a total market exposure of 300%.

One year fund performance commentary

Over the last 12 months the ETF tracked the benchmark well and returned 6%. The positive performance can mainly be attributed to spread income, roll return and positive mark-to-market due to tightening spreads in IG and HY.

Whitepaper: Using credit to enhance a traditional bond-equity portfolio

Replacing equity with European Performance Credit in a simulated portfolio improved long-term performance, reduced drawdowns and enhanced risk-adjusted returns over 1, 3, 5 and 10 years.