A better way to invest in fixed income

Tabula is a new ETF provider focused on fixed income for European institutional investors.

Our ETFs will give you greater control over risk and reward

The company believes that although fundamentals and market dynamics are positive for fixed income, the persistent innovation that ignited the equity ETF market has been lacking in this sector. As a result, the large incumbent funds continue to gather assets, but investors are hungry for new products.

Who is Tabula?

We’re a new ETF provider, but we aren’t exactly “new”:
– Team with many decades of experience in the credit markets
– Infrastructure and control functions provided by Cheyne Capital
– Fund custody and admin provided by HSBC
– Indices developed and supported by IHS Markit

We’re using our credit expertise to develop better passive exposure:
– Focused on specific risk factors rather than broad existing benchmarks
– Providing precise, practical tools for portfolio construction

Fixed income dwarfs equities, but lags in terms of ETF assets

Source: Deutsche Bank ETF Research, as of November 2017 - BIS/FTSE Russell. Fixed income is global outstanding debt securities as at June 2017. Equity is market cap of FTSE All Share as at Jan 2018.

Precise tools for investors

Passive strategies account for only 5% of fixed income fund assets, compared to 30% for equities. Tabula expects this gap to close, but how quickly will depend on how compelling the available funds are. Of the over 400 fixed income ETFs in Europe, almost half of the assets are concentrated in the top 20. Tabula believes that delivering precise exposure and addressing specific investment needs will resonate with investors and complement existing products.

Tabula is led by Michael John Lytle who was one of the founding partners of independent ETF provider Source which was acquired by Invesco last year.

Tabula has launched first ETF, providing new and more precise tools for passive credit exposure. Over time, Tabula plans to expand its offering across the asset class, moving from investment grade and high yield credit into inflation, government debt, emerging markets, bank capital, money markets, ESG strategies and Solvency II-efficient funds.

Tabula is working in partnerships and alliances with HSBC, IHS Markit, KB Associates, ICE and PwC. Until such time as Tabula receives its own authorisation, it will be an Appointed Representative of Cheyne Capital, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Contact us for further information about Tabula ETFs.

Email  info@tabulaim.com
Phone  +44 20 7968 7489