Tabula GCC Sovereign USD Bonds UCITS ETF (USD) Acc.

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EGCC Index

Data: Net Asset Value (NAV) and Assets under Management (AuM) as of 2024-06-13

Sustainability overview

This fund does not have a sustainable investment objective and does not promote environmental or social characteristics. The investments underlying the fund do not take into account the EU criteria for environmentally sustainable economic activities. Information on sustainability-related risks can be found in the Prospectus (see Documents tab).

Key sustainability metrics

SFDR classification
Article 6
Minimum % sustainable investments
PAIs considered
Minimum alignment with EU Taxonomy
ESG data providers

Key risks

No capital protection: No capital protection: The value of your investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you invested

Liquidity risk: Lower liquidity means there are insufficient buyers or sellers to allow the Sub-Fund to sell or buy investments readily. Neither the Index provider nor the issuer make any representation or forecast on liquidity

Counterparty risk: The Sub-Fund may incur losses if any institution providing services such as safekeeping of assets or acting as a derivatives counterparty becomes insolvent.

Credit Risk: The issuer of a financial asset held within the Fund may not pay income or repay capital to the Sub-Fund when due

Emerging markets risk: Issuers from emerging markets are generally more sensitive to economic and political conditions than developed markets. Other factors include a greater 'Liquidity Risk', restrictions on investment or transfer of assets, failed/delayed delivery of securities or payments to the Fund and sustainability-related risks.

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