Tabula US Enhanced Inflation UCITS ETF (USD) Acc.

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H35616US Index

Data: Net Asset Value (NAV) and Assets under Management (AuM) as of 2024-07-12

Capital is at risk. The value of your investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you invested. Investors should read the Key risks section of this page, Key Investor Information Document and Prospectus prior to investing.

Key Metrics

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US TIPS portfolio ratio: 100.0%
US breakeven portfolio ratio: 100.0%
Modified IR duration (yrs): 6.6
Average maturity (yrs): 7.15
Yield to maturity (USD): 4.79%
Breakeven rate: 2.29%
Real yield: 2.28%

Fund Breakdown




As of 2024-07-01. Data: Tabula IM. US TIPS references is the Bloomberg US Treasury Inflation Notes TR Index. US Breakevens Bloomberg US 10-year Breakeven Inflation Index. Credit DV01 is the expected change in NAV for a 1bp change in credit spreads. The estimated 12m yield calculation involves a number of assumptions and approximations and is not a guarantee of future returns.

Key risks

No capital protection: The value of your investment may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you invested.

Leverage : The Sub-Fund may use leverage, so losses may be magnified.

Liquidity risk: Lower liquidity means there are insufficient buyers or sellers to allow the Sub-Fund to sell or buy investments readily. Neither the Index provider nor the issuer make any representation or forecast on the liquidity of fund constituents.

Counterparty risk: The Sub-Fund may incur losses if any institution providing services such as safekeeping of assets or acting as a derivatives counterparty becomes insolvent.

Credit risk: The issuer of a financial asset held within the Fund may not pay income or repay capital to the Sub-Fund when due.

OTC Total Return Swap risk: Swap returns are subject to the returns of the Index or reference assets. Valuations of a Sub-Fund’s Investments, the Index tracked or replicated by the Sub-Fund or the FDI used by a Sub-Fund to achieve tracking or replication of an Index may in certain circumstances, only be available from a limited number of market participants who may also act as counterparties to these transactions. Valuations received from such market participants may therefore be subjective and there may be substantial differences between any available valuations.

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